Let Them Feel The Love They So Fiercely Reflect Back To You — Let Them Be Little

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“Let them be little.

Let them have an accident with the toilet roll and fix it up in a jumbled mess. Make no comment. It’s perfect. Let them be little.

Let them speak to you with a smear of chocolate on their cheeks. There’s no time to stop the play now. Let them be little.

Let them tell you stories that don’t quite add up. Tell them it sounds very interesting and has made you think differently. Let them be little.

Let them cry without telling them to stop. Let them fall into a heap in your arms. Cradle them with your body and your words. Let them be little.

Mom holds laughing baby girl in her arms.
Courtesy of SDI Productions (via Canva)

Let them fall asleep with your heartbeat near. They’ll push you out the door one day. Sooner than you think. Let them be little.

Let them sing. Open the windows if it gets too loud. Leave the dishes and turn to face their show. Let them be little.

Let them play. Let them make mistakes. Let them fall. Let them figure things out. Let them feel the love they so fiercely reflect back to you with the smile they flash early in the morning.

Let them be little. And let yourself rest in the fleeting.”

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