It’s Okay To Not Want To Be A Mom Some Days—You Are Not A Monster

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“This is for any mom out there who didn’t want to mom today.⁣

For the mom who woke up and could hardly tolerate the thought of doing anything else but burrowing back under beguiling blankets and letting the world blur into the background.⁣

For the mom who numbingly packed lunches, threw on yesterday’s yoga pants, and then sat in her car after morning drop-off with rivulets of tears streaming down her cheeks from tired, puffy eyes. ⁣

For the mom who went through the motions of her workday in a fog and wondered how it was even possible to balance the demands of her job with parenting and trying to keep her marriage from disintegrating into a pile of ashy, empty affirmations. ⁣

For the mom who stood and stared in contempt and disdain at dishes that needed to be washed, laundry that needed to be folded, and toys that needed to be put away.⁣

For the mom who yelled and screamed until her throat burned and she was forced to swallow the regret of the words, she let spill from her lips. ⁣

For the mom whose body is worn and weary.⁣

For the mom who feels trapped.⁣

For the mom who is way past needing a break.⁣

For the mom who wants to give up.⁣

For the mom who feels alone and unworthy.⁣

For the mom out there who simply didn’t want to mom today, I feel your pain.⁣

I share your sorrows.⁣

I am right there next to you.⁣

Take a deep breath, know you are loved and worthy, and know your feelings and emotions are validated. ⁣

Because it’s okay if we don’t want to mom some days. ⁣

It’s okay if we want to crawl back under our blankets and let the world blur into the background.⁣

It doesn’t mean we don’t love our babies and partners fiercely.⁣

It doesn’t mean we are ungrateful, selfish, or broken.⁣

It just means we didn’t want to mom today.⁣

And that doesn’t make us monsters.⁣

It makes us human.”

mom sitting in the car during carpool crying because of burnout
Courtesy of Mari Ebert

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