Dear Teen Daughter: I Hope You Never Hesitate To Call On Me

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“I hope she never hesitates

to call on me.

I hope she knows

she can come to me with anything

any time.

I hope she knows I will cheer for her

in any place in life where she finds triumph

no matter how great or how trivial.

I hope she never thinks there is any accomplishment too small

for her mother to celebrate with her.

I hope she knows she never has to tuck away

her pain, her struggles,

her worries, or her troubles.

I hope she never fears shame or embarrassment

when laying her heart on the table.

I hope she knows she can call on me

no matter what.

And that I will be there to meet her

with an open mind

with empathy and compassion

and with a mother’s fierce, unconditional love


And someday,

maybe she won’t call

just because she knows she can talk to me about anything

But she’ll call

because she wants to talk to me about everything.

That is my hope.”

Daughter staring at iphone while sitting on stairs with backpack on
Courtesy of Mehr Lee

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