‘Tell her,’ I whispered to my daughter as she pressed her body against mine. The cashier’s face lit up.’: Mom shares beautiful moment daughter learns ‘the power in raising others up’

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“’Tell her,’ I whispered to my daughter as she pressed her body against mine.

She wrapped my free arm around her little shoulders while I finished loading the groceries onto the conveyer belt.

I smiled at the young cashier who had streaks of blue and purple swirling into her otherwise jet-black ponytail.

My daughter was right when she’d whispered to me, ‘Her hair is so pretty.’

‘Tell her,’ I repeated with a little nudge.

My girl only dug her pink cheeks deeper into my side as she nervously twisted the hem of my sleeve in her small fist.

The cashier looked down at my daughter, her expression mostly bland with a hint of concern.

‘My daughter thinks your hair is beautiful,’ I explained.

The cashier’s face lit up. ‘You do?’

This coaxed my little one from her hiding place. She looked up and nodded.

Thank you so much! You made my day,’ the cashier said with a smile brilliant enough to compete with her highlights.

My daughter returned it with a beaming smile of her own.

As I walked out of the store, holding my daughter’s hand, I stole a glance back at the young woman. Her energy was clearly brighter now than it had been when we first entered her line.

After loading my groceries in the trunk, I climbed into the driver’s seat. It was then that my daughter made a declaration, ‘Mom, I think I’m gonna start telling everyone when I like their hair.’

‘You should, honey.’

And she did.

She still does.

It’s a rare occasion if we make a trip out in public without her telling someone that she loves their hair, or nails, or shirt, or shoes. To be honest, I think she even does so more than me. And it’s one of my favorite things about this girl.

She learned, at a very young age, the power in raising others up. She learned that by simply telling people when you see beauty in them, you elicit the beauty of human connection.

So, maybe we should all take this lesson to heart. Maybe next time you see something you admire, whether it’s her hair, her clothes, or her actions… maybe you should muster up the courage to tell her.

Because that small second of effort on your part could be the one thing that makes her entire day.

Just tell her.”

Mom takes a selfie with her daughter while kissing her forehead
Courtesy of Mehr Lee

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