‘We butt heads. We push buttons. We don’t see eye to eye. I assumed my girl would think like me, talk like me, act like me.’: Mom gushes ‘you are all your own’

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“Dearest Daughter,

We clearly do not see eye to eye.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand you.

I always imagined I would, you know?

I assumed my girl would be just like me.

Think like me.

Talk like me.

Act like me.

But you don’t.

You say things I’d never say out loud.

Do things I’d never dare to do.

And you have beliefs I’ve never even considered.

You are just so different from me.

And it’s made me realize…

You are not mine.


Not mine.

You are all your own.

And you own it!

I’m realizing I’m not raising another me.

I’m raising a you.

And what a beautiful thing that is.

I’m so in love with every different inch, every different ounce…that makes you all you.

You’re gonna do things I’ve never done.

See things I’ll never see.

Accomplish things I could only dream possible.

You’re going to live a life that’s all yours.

Right now, it’s not easy.

We butt heads. We push buttons. We challenge each other.

But I’m pretty sure, it’s all going to work out perfectly. Because you aren’t going to follow in my footsteps.

You are going to take strides far surpassing my own.

So, Dearest Daughter

I guess I’m okay with us not seeing eye to eye today, because when you look to tomorrow, I know you’re seeing beyond anything I could ever envision.

You’ve got your sights set on a future that’s more than me.

It’s all you.

And damn, that makes me one proud mama!”

A young girl with brown hair stands looking down
Courtesy of Mehr Lee

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