‘My teacher pulled the fire alarm while we were barricading the door’: HERO TEACHER’S quick thinking ‘to get everyone out’ of Santa Fe school shooting

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At least eight people are dead after a horrific school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas, according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. A student allegedly opened fire at the school this morning, and authorities are also investigating if an explosive device was left inside the school.

Student Damon Rabon told CBS News he was “at least 2 doors down” from the shooting, and “could clearly hear the shots” being fired. He credits his teacher’s quick thinking for alerting the rest of the school to the dangerous situation to safely “get everyone out.”

“The teacher actually ran and pulled the fire alarm because we had no service to call 911 to let anyone know there was a shooter because our wing is completely almost separate from the rest of the school,” Rabon described. “My teacher ran out of of the classroom and pulled the fire alarm while we were barricading the door.”

The shooting took place in an art class according to ABC station KTRK in Houston.

“I heard the [fire] alarms and everybody ran out,” tenth-grader Dakota Shrader told KTRK. “At first all we heard was ‘run, run,’ and next thing you know we hear, ‘boom, boom, boom.’ Everybody started running and I tried to make it to the safest place that I could as fast as I can. I called my mom right away.”

The shooting has now been contained.

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