No, You Can’t Turn ‘Mom Mode’ Off

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“You can’t turn ‘Mom Mode’ off.

What a blessing and a curse that truth is.

What a responsibility it is to have a love so strong that it changes the foundation of your very being. A love so strong that once that role begins, nothing in your world will ever be the same again.

It’s the way that a ‘night away’ belongs only to your physical body, because your heart and mind stay put with the ones you leave behind.

It’s the way that even when your children aren’t around, you find yourself searching the room for their faces.

It’s driving in an empty car for the first time in weeks and checking the rearview mirror for glimpses of sleeping babies who aren’t there. It’s opening your mouth to point out a passing train only to realize that there is no bright-eyed toddler in the backseat with whom to share the excitement.

It’s the way that your internal clock ticks on their time even when they’re not in your presence. It’s having the opportunity to sleep in, but finding that your eyes peel open at the exact time when their first stretches and morning cries would normally pierce through your slumber.

It’s being miles away yet swearing that you can hear their giggles coming from the next room.

It’s inhaling the silence and exhaling the chaos when you find a moment of peace, but still wondering what they’re wearing, or whether they ate enough for dinner, or who will rub their back when they cry and you’re not there to comfort them.

This motherhood thing– it’s the real deal. Its connection isn’t weakened through distance, nor circumstance, nor time.

No, you can’t turn ‘Mom Mode’ off.

There is no switch powerful enough to stop that kind of love.”

This story was written by Casey Huff of Etched in Home. 

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