It’s Time To Let Moms Sleep

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“You’d never get into a taxi with a sleepy driver, right?

Or trust a life guard who is dozing off by the pool?

Or hire a security guard who is constantly yawning and too exhausted to react in a crisis?

This is why we have to share the sleep deprivation load.

Because a stay at home (and working) mother is all those things, she’s a driver, a cook, a protector, a negotiator, a cleaner, a teacher, a coach…. she’s looking after the most precious things in the universe.

And you know what happens if she is sleep deprived?

She becomes angry.

She becomes anxious.

And her tolerance level is down to zero.

And she can’t do an amazing job at looking after those precious things when she’s living off no sleep.

Yes, you may have to leave the house to go to your work, and we don’t, but our jobs are equally important, except if you mess up, you get a warning, and if we do, well the consequences of that are much much worse than that.

According to the latest research women need more than 8 hours sleep every night because the female brain is more active (than the male.) Additionallu, according to research, it was proven that the beautifying or restorative sleep is true, not a myth. Getting the time, you need to rest makes your skin look smoother and younger, and you awake more positive and loving.

All this if she gets more than 8 hours sleep?!

Well, she gets way less than that. So, if you want a happy, well rested, loving partner who glows like the goddess that she is, who thinks everything out with the utmost clarity and who is loving towards you and her darling children…

Let her sleep.”

Laura Mazza

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Laura Mazza of Mum on the Run, where it originally appeared. 

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