‘I have baby-sagging bajungas. Hers are BIG and perky. I grump and binge eat cheese. She meditates and cooks ‘real meals.’: Woman shares reminder to ‘throw comparison out the window’

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“I have tiny baby sagging bajungas.

Hers are BIG, perky, and beautiful.

She’s better than me.

I don’t work.

Don’t make any money.

AND I can’t keep my house in order.

She works AND makes money AND her house is immaculate.

She’s better than me.

I can’t look ‘put-together’ to save my life.

She always looks like perfection, and she’s a doctor, so she literally saves lives.

She’s better than me.

I yell and sometimes curse and I grunt too.

She’s always so zen and namaste.

She’s better than me.

I binge eat cheese, drink wine, and stay up ungodly late watching Netflix.

She cooks AND EATS ‘real meals,’ drinks tea, and goes to bed at the same time as her kids.

She’s better than me.

I wake up and grump.

She wakes up, meditates, and gets glam.

She’s better than me.

Or maybe she’s not.

Maybe we’re just, what’s that word…DIFFERENT.

And perhaps that’s okay.

In fact, I dare challenge all women, myself included, to throw comparison out the f***ing window and while that window is open, invite in grace and love for ourselves and ALL the amazing that we undeniably are.

Because if you were her,

with her perky boobs,

a well-paying, people-helping job,

a clean house,

a good look,

a calm demeanor,

and a palate that prefers all things healthy and homemade,

you might not be happy.

Not as happy as you are.

And get this: she might not be as happy as you think she is.

They say comparison is the thief of joy, and it is, but its partner in crime is self-deprecation and it’ll serve you well to send ‘em both packing while you stock up on self-confidence, self-love, forgiveness, unconditional self-acceptance, and unwavering self-appreciation.

Because ain’t nobody better than you, because no one is a better YOU than YOU.”

woman tired of comparing herself to other women
Courtesy of Nicole Merritt

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