My Husband And I Are Not A ‘Perfect Match,’ But We’re The Most Perfect Imperfect Match We Never Saw Coming

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“We’re so different, he and I.

He’s an old man, and I’m a spring chicken.

He’s turning 44, and I just turned a lovely 36.

He’s slow to rise and even slower to shine, and I’m get-up-and-go and go a million miles a minute.

He’s ‘take your time’ and ‘slow down and walk next to me,’ while I’m ‘hurry up, c’mon!’ and ‘my daddy taught me to always walk with a purpose!’

He’s an ice-cold beer after work, and I’m a $9 bottle of wine.

He’s old rock, and I’m today’s country.

He’s highway-ready and let it take him anywhere, and I’m highway-avoiding…literally.

He’s people avoiding, and I’m people loving.

He’s direct and to the point and, occasionally, unintentionally harsh, and I’m long-winded, very verbose, rambly, and occasionally, unintentionally boring AND DRAMATIC.

I work hard loudly and make sure people know about me and of me and all that I do, and he works hard quietly, not giving a hoot if people know about him, of him, or all that he does (which is a hell of a freakin’ lot and incredibly damn impressive).

He rises to all occasions, and I rise to ’em too, but I like to panic about ’em first and usually have a good cry.

He fights for a balance between work and family.

I fight with him because, sometimes, well, I feel off-balance.

We’re not what you would call a ‘perfect match,’ he and I, but what we are is the most perfect imperfect match he never saw coming.

This man, who had no plans to ever get married and have kids, is now gorilla glued to an over-divulging, overbearing wife and three adorably noisy, needy, and uber-amazing children who think the sun rises and sets with him.

The world needs to know that 44 years ago, on April 22nd, 1978, the man I will forever thank God was put in my life, was born, AND THE UNIVERSE IS BETTER BECAUSE OF HIM.

He is my universe, and I am better because of him.

And I want to keep getting better for him.

And I will.

You know, when two people get together young (well, one of us was with my age 20 to his age 28), you never know how things might turn out and how you’ll weather life’s storms together.

But, he and I, are an all-weather couple hellbent on soaking up and taking on EVERYTHING marriage brings our way.”

father with his children on a waters edge
Courtesy of Nicole Merritt
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