Trophies Aren’t The Only Thing That Matter, And Our Kids Need To Know That

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“I want to teach my children that it’s OK to have a hobby just to have a hobby.

They don’t need to win a trophy.

They don’t need to be the best.

They don’t even need to be any good at it.

It’s OK to do a hobby simply because you love it.

We recently moved to northern Michigan, for example, and my kids have taken up skiing.

Before we moved, someone asked, ‘Are they going to join the ski team?’

I replied, ‘I doubt it,’ and shrugged my shoulders.

To my kids, skiing is new and fun–something they love doing on the weekends with their dad.

It’s usually a day full of bonding, laughs, and personal improvement.

It’s a hobby they all love doing together.

And they don’t need competition to prove they’re getting better.

Our society has slowly grown into believing that we should only do things we’re good at–and we should get some kind of shiny object for doing them well.

It almost feels brave (at any age) when we try something new and are just bad at it.

Last year, our family started nature journaling.

We take a stroll in the woods and find an object in nature to sketch.

I love drawing feathers and leaves.

What I sketch probably looks like a child drew it.

And I’m OK with it.

To me, I’m enjoying my kids and the slow mindfulness practice it gives me.

Don’t we want our children to grow into adults who know what to do with their spare time–and enjoy it?

If everything is constantly a test, I’m unsure they’ll grow up enjoying that.

Sure, competition can be healthy and motivating for some individuals.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

But I do think life should feel like a pleasure–and hobbies do just that.

Even without a trophy.”

three children playing in a large tree and having fun

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