‘Let them work in their PJs. If they want to do math in bed—more power to them. Your child does not need a school replicated in their home.’: Mom shares ‘friendly homeschool PSA’

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“Friendly PSA regarding ‘homeschool’ spaces: 

So, if you’re alive and breathing, you’re likely seeing all of your friend’s new beautiful homeschool spaces. You’re also seeing ads pop up reminding you that you NEED this kind of space. Otherwise, your child will likely fail, their life will be ruined, and you, of course, will be a horrible parent. 


If the thought of creating one of these homeschool spaces makes you horizontal and in the fetal position biting all of your nails off, then I’m here to tell you your child does not need a replicated school in their home. 

If this is your jam, then go ahead, do your thing. I’m not here to hold you back. 

However, if it’s not, just remember learning takes place anywhere. And this is the year we can take advantage of it! 

Go outside. 

If your child wants to get away from their annoying little sister and read in the hammock, let him. 

If you all need a freaking break and want to study at the nature preserve, then go! 

If they just want to write or do math in bed—more power to them. 

To do school at home, all your child needs is to feel loved. So, the good news? You’re already doing that! 

Let them work in their PJs. They just want to feel comfortable—something you’re already providing them. 

So, no—you do not need to spend wads of money and time creating the perfectly aesthetic homeschool space. 

Because, mama, all they need is your love. And you’ve already got that nailed down.” 

Courtesy of Anagnost-Repke

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