I Believe In Soul Mates—The Kind Where The Universe Sends You Friends Who Make Your Soul Soar

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“I believe in soul mates.

No, not the kind you see in the movies.

Not the kind where you fall in love with your one and only.

The friendship kind.

The kind where you meet a friend and word vomit just spills right out of you.

Because you immediately connect.

You’re allowed to be your raw, unfiltered self.

The kind where you can swear, go to one another’s homes where spit-up stains the couch and toddler toys litter the carpet.

And that means nothing–because their presence means everything.

The kind where your conversations don’t just touch the surface but cut so far deep that your soul feels it.

The kind where they send a cleaning crew to your home after your mother and son were both hospitalized.

The kind where you can tell them how hard motherhood really is for you, how you get stomach aches watching your parents age, how your marriage is struggling, how you’re worried about your child’s behavior, and how your bank account is dwindling.

The kind where nothing has to be shiny.

You’re not trying to outdo each other.

There’s no competition.

The kind where everything can just be a mess.

The kind where you can let one another change and evolve.

The kind where you challenge each other and let them know when they’re wrong.

The kind where you cheer like hell for one another.

The kind where you sit in the darkness together.

The kind where you feel more complete after spending time with one another.

Yes, I believe in soul mates.

The kind where the universe sends you friends who make your soul soar.

And are there for you.

No matter what.”

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