It’s Okay If Your Friend Group Is Small

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“I don’t have a big social circle.

I don’t have a circle at all.

I have what us semi-awkward introverts lovingly call ‘a triangle.’

And in that triangle there’s me, and then there’s my two other personalities.

(Just kidding.)

But I kid you not, it’s that kind of humor right there which is exactly why my social circle is nonexistent.

But for reals, I have a triangle.

It’s me and my two ride or dies.

And sometimes I have a square or a pentagon, but I kinda max out there ‘cause five is a good number and I ain’t good at math, and also because circles are enclosing and confining, and this wanna-be bad B just doesn’t like being held hostage.

Held hostage to commitments, play dates, couple dates, GNOs, group vacays, and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad group texting threads.

I don’t like pressure.

And pressure is what you can feel when you have a larger group of friends.

So I keep mine small, and that works for me.

I’m okay having two to five ladies I can call on for anything and everything instead of seven or ten.

Because between two and five is about the amount of people, outside my family of five, I can handle being there for.

And that’s just me being honest, and realistic, and wearing my friendship-restricting known flaws because THEY. ARE. COMFORTABLE.

Just like the friendships I keep.”

introverted mother wearing a grey sweatshirt
Courtesy of Nicole Merrit

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