UPS Driver’s Hilarious Reason For Not Delivering My Package

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“My name is Marcy Lanier, I live in north Asheville, North Carolina where spotting bears is an everyday occurrence. I am only 3 miles from downtown and yet it’s like we are in the middle of the woods.

Last Friday, when I went to get my mail, I found the UPS man had put a package that would have normally been put on my front porch in my mailbox stating they could not get down the driveway due to bear.

UPS note saying, "Sorry we missed you" with excuse saying, "Bear in driveway"
Courtesy Marcy Lanier

I do not know my UPS driver as I am not home that much. But, I thought that was so funny!

We have had bears making dens under neighbors’ homes. They have been in my garage by opening my door. They eat my blueberry bushes all the time.

They went into a neighbor’s car. We even had one bear put his head through our dog door! These bears are super smart!

Like I always say, ‘Only in Asheville!’ So, I took a photo and posted it on Facebook.

Like I say. Only in Asheville!:)

Posted by Marcy Lanier on Friday, August 24, 2018

Little did I know thousands of people would think it was funny as well and it somehow went viral.

I love living in nature and having so many wild animals. But it does get a little scary sometimes!”

Bear in person's lawn that stopped UPS delivery man from delivering packages
Courtesy Marcy Lanier

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