‘I didn’t think anybody cared anymore.’: Woman brought to tears by Amazon driver’s reaction to surprise appreciation gift

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“I decided to put some gift cards on the porch for delivery drivers as a way to say thank you.

It was well received.

I purchased the $5, $10, and $15 fast food/coffee shop gift cards and hung them up on the porch with a note that says, ‘Attention: Delivery Drivers. Thank you for delivering our packages. Please take a treat!’

For the last couple of months, I would just grab a gift card when I ran to the grocery store, convenience store, or dollar store.

Literally, anywhere that had them by the register, I’d just add one to my order.

It adds up quickly.

My setup isn’t fancy (see photo).

woman tapes up gift cards on her house as a thank you to delivery drivers
Courtesy of Christine Long

I was deliberate in that I wanted it to be noticeable.

The year before last I tried the treat basket with snacks and water, but everyone was working so quickly, they didn’t really notice it.

I wanted to do something different.

After trial and error, it was best to position it where they didn’t have to look down. Right next to the doorbell!

I felt like, in a world when we’re online shopping more and more, it was a disservice to simply gift something solely to my USPS driver, as I’m constantly receiving packages from other outlets and it’s not always the same person delivering them.

Last year I was lucky enough to gift to a friend’s husband.

She shared with me on Instagram and said that he was so grateful.

In my mind, I’m saving money on gas this year because I am able to stay home.

So, I’m happy to spread some cheer with those working long hours to make sure our Christmas mornings run smoothly.

I’m also thankful for my video doorbell so I get to see reactions.

It’s usually a ‘thank you’ or a wave or a kind word.

They’re generally a little shocked or confused initially.

But this one particular day, this Amazon driver literally brought me to tears.

And now I’m sharing with you all so that you know how small, tiny gestures (like a $15 Wendy’s gift card) can be the brightest moment in someone’s day.

This guy has literally made my whole week.

When he said, ‘I didn’t think anybody cared anymore. You don’t even know how this is going to help us.’

It really brought this whole idea full circle for me.

I hope this video serves as a little reminder if you ordered every Christmas present online like me, say thank you.

Even if you just tell them.

Leave a note.

Be kind.

Some days, like this day, it’s literally all we need.”

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