‘My husband started making jokes about my online shopping. I jokingly tried to hide my packages. UPS, this is not what I meant!’: Woman gets hilarious UPS delivery 

“My husband has been gone on a year long tour and just recently got back. We have four kids so online shopping is so much easier than dragging everyone out, and honestly who can beat prime prices while prime day rolls around (those lightening deals kill me).

Courtesy Alexis Thomas

My husband started making jokes about all the things I was having delivered. The majority of our packages are delivered by UPS, so I updated my quantum view jokingly to hide the packages from my husband.

So, they started out hiding them behind a planter on my mother in laws patio. Well, I ordered a mini fridge for a family member and the note still being on my account caused this amazing story!

I had forgot I ordered it so when I got a delivery notification I was like, ‘Oh, okay and I walked out to my rug being three feet of the ground and was like, ‘What is happening!?’

Courtesy Alexis Thomas

So, I see the note and I couldn’t stop laughing it was fantastic.

Courtesy Alexis Thomas

UPS this is not what I meant! LOL.”

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