‘Sure, my boys got a bad grade. Or two. But kindness is more important than the honor roll will EVER be.’: Mom claims school success is all about character, not grades

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“As a parent, sure I want to know if my kid makes a bad grade. Or two. Or three.

Sure, I want to know if they can do their math facts and read on level.

Sure, I want to know if their basketball form is progressing and if their foot speed has improved.

But what I really want to know is if my kid saw the girl down the hall drop all of her papers and just kept walking. Or if he stopped to help.

What I really want to know is if my kid saw the new boy sitting by himself at recess and just looked the other way. Or if he invited the boy to play with him.

What I really want to know is if my kid was rude and disrespectful to his teacher, even if she got her own math problem wrong. Or if he showed her grace and a smile.

What I really want to know is if my kid saw the little girl with worn-out, hand-me-down clothes, and pointed and laughed with his friends. Or if he welcomed her and showed her kindness, regardless of what she was wearing.

What I really want to know is if my kid rolled his eyes at his coach, when he was asked to do something he didn’t want to. Or if he took a deep breath and simply said, ‘Yes sir.’

What I really want to know is when he misses the trash can in the bathroom, if he will just shrug it off and say, ‘Eh, the janitor will get it.’ Or if he will pick it up because he knows it is his own responsibility to clean up after himself.

I would rather know how my kids treat people. How they treat their friends, how they treat others who aren’t their friends. How they teach their teachers.

I would rather know if they show grace and compassion when someone else needs it.

I would rather know if they are keeping their eyes open to see the needs of another and then are willing to help meet that need.

I would rather know if they are able to remember the truths about themselves when someone else tries to tear them down.

I would rather know if they are sharing Jesus. Not just through words, but through actions. Through who they are.

Yes, sure, I want to know their grades. I will want to know how they do in athletics, or band, or ag, or One Act, or whatever they choose.

But in the grand scheme of things, who they are and who they’re becoming is much more important and will have greater lasting effects than any extra curricular success or making the A honor roll ever will.

Who they are. That’s what matters.”

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