There’s Just Something About A Big Sister That Feels Safe

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“Little sisters can be a pain.

I don’t have one, but I know ‘cause I am one.

Especially if yours is the baby of the family, she can be A LOT.

So can her moods and opinions and her seemingly unwavering desire to be up the biscuits and hiding around the corner of those she loves…especially her big sister.

‘Cause there’s just something about a big sister that feels safe


and needy of the presence of a lil’ in all her



boundless energy,

relentless glory.

And it’s a hard ask,

to be a haven to another,

to stand on a pedestal you don’t wanna be on,

and to be idolized all while being steadily annoyed by the same dang child who also makes it her day’s work to drive you up a wall.

So that’s why nobody asked.

And like the big-hearted human you are, you stepped into the big sister role like a natural,

have made it your own,

and made HER your own.

I’ve felt and said this plenty of times before and I’ll say it again.

Siblings are great because, in them, you literally have a best friend for life.

And though they may, on occasion, make your days or life more challenging…

Without a doubt, they are the people in your corner,

rooting for you

and giving you the confidence to leave it and take on the world.”

big and little sister going head to head
Courtesy of Nicole Merritt

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