Where Is The Positive Talk About Mom Bods?

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“There’s this thing called a ‘Dad Bod.’ I know you’ve seen it too; idolized in pop culture and on commercials.

But tell me– where is the talk about Mom Bods?

Sure, we discuss ambitions of weight loss after pregnancy; how we are going to whip ourselves back into shape. We lament our pre-baby bodies and regard old pictures with sighs of, ‘remember when?’

Many of us applaud those women who miraculously bounce back right after having a baby, all the while hiding our own insecurities under oversized t-shirts.

There are the unsightly stretch marks that criss cross over our torso. The loose tummy skin that seems to have misplaced its elasticity.

There are the thighs between which there are no gap, and the wide hips that may never again squeeze into that favorite pair of jeans.

There are the breasts that don’t sit quite like they used to, and the hands whose fingernails are chipped or bare.

There is the hair that has thinned on top of our heads, only to spring up in other rather embarrassing locations across our body.

There are the arms that jiggle just a little bit more, and the legs that make us think twice about wearing shorts in public.

There are the eyes that are perpetually tired; the ones that boast large bags underneath as we sip our coffee in vain.

We hear all of these complaints, we feel all of these insecurities, but we often forget to tout the praises of the Mom Bod; when truly, this is a body that deserves ALL the praise!

Those stretch marks are remembrance tattoos of our body’s selfless accomodation of the baby who grew, and grew, and grew within its walls.

That abdominal skin may be loose, but the belly giggles that escape from behind it have never been more glorious or real.

It’s true that our thighs may be a bit softer, but there is no place more comforting to a child than a mother’s lap.

Our broad hips are resilient and strong; a force to be reckoned with.

Those breasts nourished our babies at all hours of the day, just as those hands lovingly made bottles in the dead of the night.

That hair is a soft haven for tiny fingers to linger as our little ones drift off to sleep.

What our arms and legs may lack in definition, they make up for in sheer power. Their muscles are practiced in lifting, carrying, rocking, cuddling.

And our eyes.

Ours are the eyes that our babies look to for love, approval, and security. Ours are the eyes that get to watch our tiny miracles as they evolve into the biggest blessings.

One day you’ll see an old photo of yourself and it may stir a little pang in your heart, Mama friend; but don’t be fooled.


These Mom Bods? They are pretty damn sexy.”

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