Moms Are Not Need A Nap Tired, We’re Need A Village Tired

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“I am the mom.

Which somehow translates to the fixer and doer of everything.


I’m not complaining.

I’m just tired.

Not need a nap tired.

More like need a village tired.

I’m supposed to work like I don’t have kids.

But, I do have kids. Three of them. Which is why I have to work so much.

I’m supposed to mom like it’s my priority.

Except I need to answer that 5 a.m. call and then find coverage for the call out which takes until 7 a.m. . Now everyone is late. And stressed. And, some days crying.

Being a mom is my priority.

But, to provide stability for my children I have to work.

It’s a cycle.

I’m trapped.

I’m not complaining.

I’m silently and secretly begging for a village.

My kids are ‘bad.’ They’re loud, and quick to throw a punch at each other. They scream. And, despite the swing set and bikes and pool in my moms back yard, they almost always pick to throw dirt at each other. In their hair and all.

I am working their childhood away.

I am yelling their childhood away.

I hide in the bathroom and cry from the weight of this entire thing sitting on me.

Crushing me, daily.

I am staying up entirely too late doing laundry and cleaning floors and answering emails.

I’m busy.


Not by choice, but by life design.

They’re growing, anyway.

There is a physical pain in my heart.

Because I’m missing so much.

I’m not complaining.

I’m praying for help.”

tired mom taking bathroom selfie in blue dress
Courtesy of Jacqueline Waxman

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