Motherhood Is Not A Competition, So Why Compare?

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“Remember mamas, it’s not a competition.

Like, not at all mamas. ⁣

There is no prize for the mom who took their child to the most museums. ⁣

Or the mama who still has awesome abs. ⁣

No prize for the mom who threw their kid the world’s most picture-perfect birthday party. ⁣

Or for the mom who became a CEO while raising two babies. ⁣

Or for the mom that cooks perfect dinner, from scratch, every single night. ⁣

There is no prize y’all. ⁣

Mom holds daughter and sits next to baby in highchair for picture with birthday cake.
Courtesy of Katy Dodds

And truthfully, no one is doing everything right. Period. No mama is perfect in every aspect of motherhood. Why compare? ⁣

So, how do I know I’m doing a good job as a mama today?

When my toddler bumps her head, and cries for me to kiss it, that’s how I know.

As I leave her room for the night, and I hear her small voice say, ‘I love you,’ that’s how I know.

And as I finally have a minute to breathe in the evening, but all I do is watch the baby monitor, that’s how I know.

With that, I know there’s no more need to compete. Because clearly, I’ve already won.”

Baby sits in padded grocery cart seat.
Courtesy of Katy Dodds

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