‘We were told a lie—to treat one another as competition.’: Mom urges ‘let’s teach our young girls to lift each other up’

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“At some point, women were told a lie.

Instead of being taught the ancient ways in which women formed communities where they aided each other, helped them with their chores and children when they needed it, and sat around in circles to support and listen to one another, society taught us to instead treat one another as competition.

That’s not how we were meant to live. We NEED community.

I mean, think about the mental toll the past 2 years of limited access to social interaction has created.

We have seen the strength women have when we come together to fight for something we believe in.

We have felt the confidence and validation of hearing fellow females support us and lift us up in a moment of self-doubt or defeat.

group of 4 women standing closely next to each other smiling at a nature park
Courtesy of Rachael Krupski

It’s time this world changes the narrative of how relationships should look between women.

It’s time we come together and lift one another up again.

It’s time we sit in a circle, without judgment or condemnation, and listen to what other women have to say.

It’s time to realize that despite our differences, we have more in common than we think.

It’s time to teach our girls that even if you don’t click with another little girl, she is a being who deserves love, joy, and respect just like you do.

It’s time to teach our young girls that there is room for every woman on this planet and we thrive when we cheer one another on rather than compete.

selfie of a mom with her two daughters in the background playing on a swing at a playground
Courtesy of Rachael Krupski

It’s time we rewire our minds so when we recognize the feeling of jealousy of another woman, we think of her as a mirror of goals we want to reach, rather than a threat to our own levels of achievement.

If you are a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister… I see you. I deeply desire for you to feel the amazing feminine power that lies within you.

I want you to know that despite differences in our upbringings, our roles in life, or our beliefs, I support you, I believe in you, and I hold space for you.

It’s time to reclaim the community and power women held for years before society flipped the script.

Let’s start today.”

Mom holding her baby daughter and her toddler daughter in each arm while standing on the sandy shore of a lake
Courtesy of Rachael Krupski

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