Today, I Am Thankful For The Grays—They Make The Light Shine So Much Brighter

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“In this season of life, I am thankful for the grays.
The lows.
The dark moments.
The adversity.
The struggle.
The times I want to give up.

It’s been especially gloomy outside in Minnesota this week, allowing my mind to ponder the grays (There’s a lot of them lately.)

And I have come to the conclusion we need a little gray in our life sometimes. Because without the dark, there would be no light.

The grays in our life – the hard times, the struggles – make the blessing so much sweeter.

Now this isn’t to say I wouldn’t enjoy a little less struggling in life (mine and others), because of course, who wants to suffer and struggle.

But I am seeing you cannot have good times without the bad.

I used to pray for all the bad things in my life to go away. ‘God, just take this away, get me out of this.’ But real life is a little gray sometimes. It just is. Struggle is out of our control.

Now I pray, ‘God, give me the peace and wisdom to handle these grays today, so I may rejoice in the blessings to come.’

I hold faith I will make it through the grays, because they are meant to make me stronger. And I know sweet times are close ahead.

So today, I am thankful for the grays, because they will make the light shine so much brighter.”

Woman embracing the gray of life takes metaphorical photo in gray tracksuit outside on a gloomy day
Courtesy of Alyssa Marie

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Alyssa Marie of Twin Cities, MN. You can follow her journey on Instagram and TikTok. Submit your own story here.

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