Woman celebrates rescued baby squirrel’s survival with newborn photo shoot

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“I work as a veterinary technician and I have been rehabbing squirrels as a volunteer for over 10 years!

Cardboard was brought into our clinic by a good Samaritan who found him cold and still on the ground outside their house. He was barely breathing when he first came in.

baby squirrel rests in a hand with a syringe laying next to it
Polly Weldon

He was immediately warmed up with a heating pad and slowly started to move.

baby squirrel sleeps wrapped in a towel with it's head popping out
Polly Weldon

Unfortunately, his breathing seemed labored and the veterinarian was concerned about pneumonia. We did radiographs and Cardboard was given antibiotics. After lots of care and attention (and late nights), he seems to have made a full recovery and is growing every day!

baby squirrel is snuggled up in a blanket
Polly Weldon

I was so thankful that the little guy survived his rough start, I thought it would be cute to do a newborn photo shoot for him. There is a heating pad under his blanket in the picture, so he was sleeping very soundly and didn’t even wake when I put the ribbon over his head.

baby squirrel is sleeping on white blanket with blue polka dot headband with rose and pink roses in background
Polly Weldon

The name Cardboard was chosen by the veterinarian who saved his life! Our receptionist mentioned ‘nothing good comes in a cardboard box’ (anyone who works in an animal clinic can understand) and the name just made sense!

baby squirrel sleeping next to a little fake flower
Polly Weldon
baby squirrel sleeps with a teal polka dot headband on with blue rose on top with pink roses in background
Polly Weldon

Cardboard has opened his eyes and is discovering so many great things about life. His favorite thing is a warm towel fresh out of the dryer!”

hand is held out with a baby squirrel sitting in it
Polly Weldon

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