Yes, We Vacation Alone—Because In This House Full Of Kids, We Put Our Relationship First

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“We come first.

That’s my answer when people make snarky comments about how many trips we take with just the two of us.

We put ourselves first.

Some of you will not understand and some will blatantly disagree…and that’s okay.

This is our journey, not yours.

However, someday our kids are going to leave us…they’re going to go out and create their own lives.

And when they do, if we’ve never put our relationship first, we’ll be left with nothing.

So yes, our first trip just the two of us was when our baby was 11 weeks old.

And guess what…she was perfectly fine while we were gone.

And you know what?

While we were gone, we were able to reconnect and remember who we are.

Life is tough with kids and especially babies, and if you’re not prioritizing your relationship, it will easily slip through the cracks.

We try to keep to the following schedule:

One date night a week.

One night completely without kids a month.

And one 3-4 night getaway every 3 months.

This is what works for us. This is what helps us thrive as a couple.

So yes, we come first because if we don’t put ourselves first, then we’ll come last…and then there will be nothing left.”

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Courtesy of Aubree Paige

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