You Are So Much More Than A Persona On Social Media, And So Is Everyone Else

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“Can we talk about something we don’t often see reflected on social media?

And that is how multidimensional we are as mothers and wives and women.

In the digital world, we are often presented with ONE version of someone… whichever one they want us to see.

The gentle parent.

The Pinterest Mom.

The fashionista.

The overwhelmed mom.

The mom suffering with PPA/PPD.

The new mom documenting every moment of bliss.

The divorcee.

The mom living a dream life in Hawaii.

The woman going through a huge life change.

The crafter.

The homesteader.

The homeschooler.

But in REAL LIFE… we don’t have to be just one.

We are not just one of those women.

We are a mix.

An ever-evolving, beautiful mix of the different women we are along the way.

Complicated and messy and happy and struggling and empowered and vulnerable and confident and broken, all at the same time…

We are all of them.

You see, social media is so ‘niched down,’ we often feel lost when we no longer reflect the versions of ourselves we thought we were or WANT to be.

And instead of trying to figure out who we are, maybe we should just BE and love every single versions of ourselves on this journey.

The fashionista one day and mom uniform the next. Home cooked meals today and DoorDash tomorrow. The mom with endless advice to give AND the mom who needs someone else to tell her what in the hell she should be doing.

You are so much more than a persona on social media, and so is everyone else.

Please don’t ever forget that.”

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Courtesy of Emmy Bennett

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