‘You can do all the same things ‘so-and-so’ did and your child still may not achieve the same things.’: Special needs mom urges ‘go easy on yourself’

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“Friendly reminder: You can do all the same things ‘so-and-so’ did and your child still may not achieve the same things.

And that’s okay.

I wish someone would have said these words to me in the beginning.

In the beginning, I asked other parents in my similar shoes all the questions…when did your child do this? Or that? And what did you do?

How many hours of therapy a week does your child have?

How many rocks do you throw over your shoulder and jump on one foot while doing it?

Okay, kidding on the last one, but you better believe if a parent told me they did that and their child started crawling the next day, I may have given it a try.

There are children with CDG who walk, who talk, know multiple languages…but no amount of anything is going to get Christopher where those kids are.

And that’s okay.

I didn’t always feel this way. I felt as though we didn’t do enough. I didn’t try hard enough. I needed to do more. More of what? I honestly didn’t know because we did it all. But it’s not who he is. Not who he was meant to be.

I’m not saying don’t do it. I’m not saying to give up. I’m not saying we’re giving up. I’m not saying don’t try.

I’m saying it’s okay.
It’s okay if you do it all and still fall short of the goal.
I’m saying it’s not your fault.
I’m saying go easy on yourself.
I’m saying doing the same things doesn’t guarantee the same result.

Because some kids don’t.

And that’s okay.”

Mom and son cuddle on the couch in matching heart-patterned pajamas
Courtesy of Melissa Schlemmer

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