You May Have Lost Yourself, But It Is Going To Be Okay

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“There are times we get lost, we lose ourselves.

To depression.
To anxiety.
To motherhood.
To stress.
To comparison.
To a million other detours.

We can’t always put words to how we feel or pinpoint where things took a turn. We just know we don’t feel like ourselves. And we don’t know how to find our way back.

There’s no map for this journey. No turn by turn directions. Certainly, no estimated time of arrival.

I think this journey requires a willingness to explore, patience, and loads of grace. It is a bit like driving with a frosted windshield. The view is blurred and forward progress is cautiously earned.

Walks in the woods help.
Sunshine. Prayer. Laughter.
All shaky little steps that take you forward, back to yourself.

It is tempting to travel alone. I encourage you to let someone in. Even if you sit together in silence, I think you’ll be grateful for the company.

Safe travels.”

Woman reflecting on her life journey takes a reflective selfie in her car
Courtesy of Michelle Koch

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