‘We were having a good day as a family and I foolishly thought I could document it.’: Mom to teen son says ‘I’m learning to smile and take the picture anyway’

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“We were having a good day doing one of our favorite activities as a family. The sun was out, and I foolishly thought maybe I could document it.

I’m a picture taker, always have been. My camera roll has fewer and fewer photos the older my son gets. And scrolling through our yesterdays brings me a powerful mix of joy and melancholy.

A quick selfie with my boy to capture time. I knew it wasn’t a sure thing. The odds weren’t in my favor as there were several other people around. When it is just us out on a walk in nature, he’ll usually oblige. This was a public setting though and it made this (and me) embarrassing.

I went for it anyway and this is the result; me and my man-child’s shoulder.

He was annoyed at my request and my attempt. Oh well.

I’m learning to smile and take the picture anyway. I won’t quit trying to get him in the photo with me, but I’m not going to pout if he doesn’t cooperate with my plan.

This is an honest representation of us at this moment in time. In the same place at the same time, but with some distance between us.

I want him to know I still want the picture. I’ll always want to hold tight to moments that pass too quickly, so I’ll always be a picture taker.”

Mom tries to take selfie with son on a winter walk outdoors but ends up capturing just her and his shoulder
Courtesy of Michelle Koch

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