‘You won’t love your ballerinas or your baby dolls forever. Each day you’ll grow bigger, smarter, more independent.’: Mom cherishes little moments with her daughter while she can

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“‘Stay Mommy,’ she pleaded, in that sweet little voice. ⁣

No, I thought. Hell no.⁣

I haven’t had a moment to myself all day. ⁣

‘Please Mommy. I’m scared.’

Scared of what? Girl, I got things to do. ⁣

This house is a wreck. I can’t stay. I won’t. ⁣

‘Stay Mommy.’ ⁣

Well, I am pretty tired too. ⁣

So I’ll stay, but just for a little bit. And I’ll try not to worry about everything that’s calling me away from you. ⁣

I’ll do my best to relax, and appreciate who you are in this moment. You, my sweet little 3-year-old—with that curly hair and those gorgeous long lashes. Who still sleeps with her thumb in her mouth, and her sacred blankie wrapped tightly around her. ⁣

Okay, I’ll stay tonight. Because you can’t stay. You already haven’t. ⁣

Like how you didn’t stay in your crib forever, you easily outgrew it. You didn’t stay in diapers, and pretty soon you won’t need naptime. And you won’t love your ballerinas or your baby dolls for forever. Each day you’ll grow bigger, smarter, more independent. ⁣

And one day, you may even outgrow me. ⁣

No, you can’t stay. So I will. ⁣

I’ll stay with you tonight, for just a little longer. I’ll watch you sleep, thank God for you, and not worry about anything else for the moment. ⁣

Because tomorrow you’ll be bigger, and I don’t want to miss today. ⁣

So yes, my baby girl. Tonight I will stay.”

daughter cozy in bed with her thumb towards her mouth wrapped up in multiple blankets
Courtesy of Katy Dodds

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