‘Mama, there is NOTHING more important than this. Nothing.’: Young mom urges others to cherish every moment

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“I wonder how I can even tell myself during these precious moments that I need to get up and do something more productive. As if cleaning my house is more important than this instant right here…⁣

I wonder, how do I ever feel guilt for lying here beside her instead of getting up to tend to the dishes or mop the floors?⁣

How did we somehow place the importance of those mundane tasks over this right here?⁣

Mama, there is nothing more important than this. Nothing. There is nothing more demanding for your time or energy than this.

This simple second, minute, hour of the day, are ALL that you are demanded for.

Take the time to lay there. Take the time to soak it in. Take the time to rest yourself beside them.

There is no rush. The chores will always be there, but this second in time, is just that; a split second.

How many more times will they choose to crawl right up next to you and ease their tiny body against yours for comfort? We don’t know.

But we do know these moments don’t last as long as the chores will; so let’s not dare feel guilt for them again.”

Mom smiles down at her baby girl while they cuddle together in bed during an afternoon nap
Courtesy of Frankie Glover

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Frankie Glover of Pennsylvania. You can follow her motherhood journey on Instagram and YouTube. Be sure to subscribe to our free email newsletter for our best stories.

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