Your Teen Will Bring You To Points You Never Imagined — And EVERY One Will Make You Love Them More

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“At some point, my dear moms of teens…

…at some point, you will get a call that sends icy chills through your veins.
It will never be when you expect it, even though you have always expected it.

At some point, you will doubt every parenting decision you have ever made. Seriously. Every last one. You will wonder how you could have so colossally gotten it wrong.

At some point, you will be so grateful and humbled that THIS CHILD has been yours to raise.

At some point, you will hide behind a closed door with tears that were meant for no one to see but you. The magnitude of it all will bring you to your knees.

At some point, your teen will break your heart beyond what you thought was possible.

At some point, your teen will make your heart swell with so much pride you could float away into the stratosphere.

At some point, the slammed doors and eye rolls and ‘don’t touch me’s’ will level you.

At some point, the hug or ‘love you, Mom’ for no reason will also level you.

At some point, you will need someone who has already traveled this road with their teen to double back and grip your hand tightly through the rocky terrain.

At some point, you will need to brag about your teen to friends who know and love your teen and want to celebrate with you.

At some point, you will lose your temper and say a bunch of stuff you don’t mean and have to apologize and hope you haven’t scarred your teen for life.

At some point, you will worry about the stories your teen is telling their friends.

At some point, you will feel wrecked. Gutted. Unappreciated. Disappointed. Like the worst parent on the planet.

At some point, you will feel so blessed by getting to be a mom to this incredible person that you won’t think you deserve this role.

At every single point you are going to love your teen more than the moment before, no matter what has come before or what is yet to be.”

Middle-aged mom receives hugs from teen son and daughter on either side of her.
Courtesy of Ekrulila (via Canva)

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