‘May I see Lyla?’: Adorable 5-year-old asks little girl to be his valentine

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When you think of 5-year-olds celebrating Valentine’s Day, you probably imagine kids exchanging cards and candy in class. But for this adorable little boy, that wasn’t enough.

Instead, he came up with a grand gesture all by himself – with a little help from mom, of course. When the big day arrived, the smitten child put on a suit, grabbed a bouquet of flowers and a colorful stuffed animal, and made his way to a classmate named Lyla’s house… in 14-degree, snowy weather. Still, like a gentleman, he patiently waited outside.

His mom confirmed he was still nervous despite practicing for the moment at home, but his nerves didn’t show even when Lyla’s dad opened the door, prompting him to ask, “May I see Lyla?” But those nerves no doubt quickly faded when his Valentine happily took her gifts and gave him a big hug!

Watch the heartwarming moment below.

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