‘Woohoo!’: Adorable brother jumps for joy when little sister sinks first basketball shot 

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As parents, we all hope our kids will grow up to be close friends and confidantes with their siblings. Well, the kids in a viral video that’s warming hearts nationwide are off to a great start!

In the video, we see big brother Zeke helping his little sister line up her first shot on their eight-foot-tall basketball hoop in their yard. He stands behind her and carefully helps her aim, then steps back and watches as she sends the ball soaring into the air… and straight through the hoop! Swish!

But it’s not the little girl’s shot that has us all swooning; it’s the adorably excited way her big bro reacts! Zeke jumps into the air with a “Woohoo!” before picking her up and spinning in excited circles. “Her first shot on eight feet ever! For her, a trick shot!” he gushes.

This little girl may not know it yet, but she is so lucky to have a supportive brother like Zeke! Watch the video below to get your daily smile.

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