15 Hilarious Moments With Unforgettably Cute Kids

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Hearing your kids say silly stuff is one of the best aspects of parenthood.

As the old saying goes, kids really do “say the darndest things.” They have such a sweet, simplified view of the world and no filter. The things they come up with make us laugh out loud. All of the children in the videos below have gone viral thanks to adorable moments their caregivers shared online. Just when we thought kids couldn’t get any cuter, they did!

1. This Cute British 2-Year-Old Blamed Batman For Putting Lipstick On His Mom’s  Mirror.


2. Josie Is 1, Going On 19, And Her Laugh Is Infectious!


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3. This Little Girl Had The Cutest Reaction To Finally Seeing Her Own DIY Eyebrow Makeup In The Mirror.


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4. Who Else Remembers The Hilarious “Apparently Kid” When He Was, Apparently, A Bit Excited To Be Interviewed On Live Television? (This Clip Is Even Funnier Than We Remembered!)


5. This Infant Simply Does Not Want To Be Inside The House, And She’s Good At Letting Dad Know.


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6. What Most Fears Are Made Of.

@coffeencrusts Where it all started 🤣🥦 #funnytoddler #toddlertok #toddlersoftiktok #toddlermom ♬ original sound – Tina


7. This Sweet Little Miss Had The Most Adorable Reaction To Seeing Her Daddy Without A Beard For The First Time Ever.

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8. Everyone In The Family Can Make Baby Aaliyah Laugh, Except Dad.


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9. Dad Says She Can’t Date Till She’s 50, But This Toddler Is Not Having It.


10. Harmony Might Share Her Strawberries Eventually, But Watch Out For The “Soggy” Ones.


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11. This Classic “Sesame Street” Clip Of A Child Thwarting Kermit’s Attempt At Singing “The ABC Song” Has Us Cracking Up!


12. You Can Pretty Much Get Away With Anything If You’re Cute.


13. Sure She Was Caught Red-Handed, But She’s Pretty Sure She Can Just Deny, Deny, Deny!


14. The Snack Bandit Strikes Again!


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15. Big Sister Is Pretty Sure She Can Sell Her Brother And Buy Herself A New Toy. (Yes, She Was Serious!)

Kids make life so much more fun, don’t they? You just never know what they’re going to come up with next.

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