Police Officer Pays For Elderly Widow’s Gas

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“My name is Seth Kazz.

I own the Citgo gas station on little Mack and Martin (St Clair Shores, Michigan). My family has owned this station for about 20 years.

An elderly woman came into my station today and gave me $3 in change to put on her gas pump.

A police officer was standing behind her and happened to hear the amount and saw she was using a cane, struggling to walk back to her car.

He went outside and told her to sit in the car as he would pump the gas for her.

After a few minutes of getting to know one another he realized she was really struggling and didn’t have any gas or money left.

The $3 will only get her so far. He told her to hang tight- came inside and put her another $20 out of his pocket.

He went back and finished pumping and she told him her husband had recently passed away and she’s stuck paying all their bills and is behind every month.

This $20 really helped her! She would have most likely ended up running out of gas.

Nowadays there’s so much negativity towards police officers. No one respects them.

We hear all the complaints and ‘bad’ stories.

I’m not saying every officer is perfect, I’m sure some are at fault at times.

We all make mistakes – but we should all respect, appreciate, and thank them for what they do.

Leaving your family every day to try and make sure everyone else’s is safe can be tough.

Think about it- who do you call when you’re in danger? Who’s running in harm’s way as you’re running away?

To all the men and women in blue I THANK YOU for your service!”

police officer standing at car door of elderly woman
Courtesy of Seth Kazz

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