Bride Waits Until After Wedding Vows To Show Groom She’d Been Keeping Her Pregnancy A Secret

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After a string of disappointing dates and dead-end romances in her 30s, Jamie Forbes had convinced herself she’d never fall in love or have children. Single and lonely, Jamie was also going through a depression after the death of her little sister, Jillian.

Then, an unexpected connection. Jamie met Charlie, the love of her life, on He was everything she’d ever dreamed of.

Six months later, Jamie and Charlie were happily engaged. The couple from North Carolina figured they’d wait to have kids until after they’d enjoyed married life for a little bit.

Life has a way of throwing curve balls, however. Jamie learned she was pregnant, and for the entire month leading up to their nuptials, Jamie kept it a secret from her fiancé. It was nearly impossible for her not to tell him, but she couldn’t wait to deliver the news and have his reaction be captured on camera on the biggest day of their lives.

One month later, Jamie and Charlie held a simple wedding surrounded by their closest family and friends.

During the reception, Jamie took the mic to thank their guests for coming, or so Charlie thought. Instead, the beaming bride looked directly at her new husband and handed him a box.

“From the moment you left work to come push my stranded car I knew you were the one I wanted in my corner forever,” she began. Please accept this gift; it is the most precious thing I will give you and I hope it makes you as happy as you’ve made me.”

Charlie curiously opened the box — and couldn’t believe his eyes.

Watch the video to see this amazing, tear-jerking wedding surprise.

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