‘She showed me the texts, shaking. ‘My son and his friends were planning to splash a milkshake on her face.’: Mom urges ‘bullying affects everyone’

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“I was at the beach with my kids and saw a woman crying.

I asked her, ‘What’s wrong?’ She told me she was so angry, she just had to cry. She came from yelling at her 15-year-old son and went for a walk to cry because she didn’t want him to see her tears.

I gave her a big hug and then she told me why she yelled. I wanted to shake the crap out of a bottle of champagne, pour it all over her in celebration, and high five her for grilling her boy.

You see, she found out he had been bullying someone at school. He and a few of his friends had been picking on a few kids at school and had sent a group text to each other with plans to ‘do a glee’ and splash milkshake on a girl’s face.

She showed me the messages, shaking because she took his phone. She said she was grounding him. He couldn’t play cricket, no social media, no friend’s birthday party on the weekend.

He was in lockdown.

He had to go explain to the principal what he’d done, with hopes to issue a public apology for being a bully.

I told her I was so grateful to her and mothers like her. Instead of turning a blind eye or expecting the kids or the school to sort it out, she took action. She parented like a wonder woman.

I told her to go and show her son she was crying. Emotions can be expressed and it’s okay, but taking it out on other people is NOT okay. He should know… he hurt her too.

Bullying affects everyone.

On that day, I witnessed this mother making a ripple effect to help stomp out bullying.”

Courtesy Laura Mazza

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