‘I went from being the poster child college student to alone, depressed, barely able to get out of bed.’: Woman claims ‘post-college depression is a real thing,’ promises ‘it gets better’

“Freshman year: joins 6 clubs, a sports team, lives on a floor with 60 people, never alone. Senior year: BOOM. I spent 4 years building the life I wanted, and it all got pulled from under me. This is post graduate depression. It’s a real thing. I never knew, because no one talks about it. People closest to me had a hard time understanding how the bubbliest person they knew was now gone.”

‘Does it look too big?’ Our perfect, happy, healthy baby boy had a belly full of tumors. Cancerous tumors.’: Mom’s newborn diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, says ‘every little moment’ with loved ones is a ‘reason to celebrate’

“When our pediatrician comes back in, I see fear on her face. I feel the air leaving my lungs, my chest feels so heavy. She tells me his liver and spleen are enlarged, so enlarged the radiologist who read his X-ray asked, ‘How sick is this baby?!’ He’s not sick at all! He’s smiling and laughing, he’s perfect. I rush toward the elevator, a literal sobbing mess. How did I not know this? I thought I knew shock and devastation. I had no idea.”

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