Yes, Grief Can Make Other Trauma Hurt More

“She betrayed me in a way I could not imagine. In the blink of an eye, my best friend became a person I did not know. While she was running amuck doing damage to the people she feigned to love, I was hit, not just by a general feeling of disgust and betrayal, but by grief. And not necessarily about her.”

‘I thought stepping away from that train was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Burying my husband was.’: Mom details family healing journey after losing husband to alcoholism

“Some days I’m not really sure if I killed my husband or not. I certainly have been accused of it by a handful of people. Family members and close friends have said painful things like, ‘You left him when he needed you most,’ or, ‘He gave up the moment you kicked him out.'”

‘If breaking the generational curse is my sole purpose in this life, the only gift I leave behind, I am satisfied.’: Woman shares brave journey from trauma, grief, and alcoholism to sobriety 

“A speaker came to the rehab. I asked him, ‘I just want to know, why me?’ His answer was simple: ‘Even if you had the answer, it wouldn’t change anything. Don’t spend your time looking for the answer, spend your time on the solution.’ That simple exchange changed my entire outlook. From that day forward, I was only interested in getting well.”

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