‘Life has me trapped in a cycle of change, grief, acceptance – repeat. It’s brutal, but somehow a blessing.’: Mom shares how sons’ degenerative disease has changed their family

“Every day I watch my boys fight one of the most challenging diseases in existence. Not only do they inspire the world around them, but they inspire us to live like them. We are more empathetic, kind, and loving people because of the path we’ve been forced to travel.”

‘How can I be an advocate one day and a sobbing mess the next? The ups and downs were exhausting.’: Mom of boys with rare degenerative disease says ‘it’s OK to not be OK all the time’

“It’s only through the hard days that I get stronger. It’s only after those long, painful sobs that my tears turn to courage. It’s only after I wallow in the valley of sorrow that I’m able to find the strength to climb back up that mountain and choose joy again.”

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‘I didn’t like the idea of not having a womb. Suddenly the very thing that had caused me so much agony was a symbol of my femininity.’: Woman battles through Adenomyosis leading to a hysterectomy

“My mother was convinced I had the same condition she had called Endometriosis. She kept taking me back to the doctor and pushing for more investigations. Each time the doctor would dismiss us both, treating her as the overbearing mother and me as the attention-seeking teenage girl.”

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