Special Needs

‘His diagnoses read like the a la carte menu at a restaurant. Our lives became an endless stream of acronyms.’: Mom shares 16-year journey to son’s rare SYNGAP1 diagnosis

“There, for the very first time, was Andrew’s entire diagnostic story. The decoder we’ve been searching for most of his life. Every milestone missed, every seizure suffered, every hospitalization, every moment his body betrayed him, every detail down to his clumsy gait, summarized in 12pt Times New Roman.”

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‘OH MY GOD,’ I heard. ‘Hmm?’ I looked up from my computer. ‘THERE’S A MAN POOPING OUTSIDE.’: Teacher shares heartbreaking realization ‘all schools are not created equal’

“I finally reach the window, and sure enough, there is a man taking a dung five feet away. He is smiling at us. A weird, creepy smile. At this point, I’m desperately trying to close the blinds so none of my other students get a glimpse, but the classrooms were old and everything sucked. As I was trying to put the blinds down, they broke. THEY BROKE.”

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