‘Dear neighbor, It’s me. The girl on the other side of your walls. The one who dialed 911 at 2:30 a.m. last night.’

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“Dear neighbor,

It’s me. The girl on the other side of your walls. The one who dialed 911 at 230 a.m. last night.

The one who heard you screeching as your alcoholic husband was screaming in a drunken fury.

I’m the one who told the police that you have 5 children. I wish you knew that I put my ear to the walls when you scream. I don’t care what you are yelling about, I worry that your children are present, I worry that they are being abused, I worry that they are scared, I worry that this time… he’ll kill you. It breaks my heart to cross your timid children in the parking lot. I show them kindness with the voice of my hellos knowing that their eyes will never leave the ground to meet my gaze.

I wish you knew I pray for you through these walls and pray you gain the courage to leave. I want you to know that I am not sorry I called. I don’t feel one bit remorseful about disturbing your domestic argument and I will do it again in a heartbeat. It is NOT ok.

As a survivor of domestic abuse, it pulls at my heart every time I hear yelling next door. I have been slapped in front my (then) abuser’s friend, chocked in a mall, screamed at in front of my abuser’s family… and no one ever stepped in. I want people to know that they need to step in and take action. It is the time to NOT mind your own business. Many victims pray that someone will hear their screams and get help. Be that person. Your action may save a life and at the very least, will let the victim know that they are not alone, that it is not ok and that someone finally heard their cry.”



Cindy David

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