Dear Pandemic Baby: However Dark It Felt At Times, There Was Twice As Much Light Because Of You

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“To my little one on your second birthday,

I wrote you a letter shortly after you were born.

In it, I shared my thoughts about you and my feelings during that uncertain time.

My heart broke a bit at the world you were coming into.

You made your grand entrance right as a pandemic changed all of our lives.

There was a darkness that hung over everyone back then because we ached for normalcy.

We stayed shuttered inside and away from our loved ones for months on end.

However, we made the best of it with lots of video calls and window visits.

Those special moments did help us all bond.

But let me say this.

For however dark it felt at times, there was twice as much light.

All of it from you.

I felt lucky to have all those extra moments with just you and your dad.

To me, they felt like a little unexpected gift.

Before parenthood I often heard, ‘Nothing prepares you for the love you’ll feel for your new baby.’

As cliche as it sounds, it’s true.

I never knew love like this, until I met you.

So, I savored all those extra moments.

And I still do.

A lot has changed around the world in these past two years.

Some for better.

Some for worse.

Such is life.

You’ll learn that as time goes on.

There is no perfect version of this world and there never will be.

Nevertheless, always continue to shine your light.

Please don’t lose your loving, silly, and sweet disposition.

That’s my birthday wish for you.

You bring so much joy to everyone you meet.

Fortunately, now, your circle isn’t as small as it once was.

I’ve watched you blossom and grow with each waking moment.

It can feel bittersweet to witness these changes.

But, my heart is filled with gratitude just the same.

You amaze me every moment of every day.

Thank you for being you and for making me a mommy.

You make me the best version of myself.

I’m forever grateful to you and for you.

You mean absolutely everything to me.

I’ll love you always and always.”

little boys shoes on his second birthday
Courtesy of Sally

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