‘Don’t drink the water!’: 5 women pregnant who work in the same doctor’s office insist ‘it’s not contagious!’

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“Five out of the twenty three staff members became pregnant all around the same time at Franklin Park Pediatrics in Toledo, Ohio.

It seems as if we are growing our own patients, the revolving door of maternity leave will be a bit to handle, but the teamwork and closeness of the staff will make it smooth and easy to take care of.

Courtesy Franklin Park Pediatrics

Jessica was the first to announce, Anni was second, Meghan was in the middle of the pack, Kathy thought she was the last one until a few weeks ago when Stephanie announced she was due in November.

Jessica’s baby couldn’t wait to meet everyone and came early ( June 2)! Anni is now panicking that she is next and isn’t ready ( she’s due in July) Meghan is due Aug 12 and is having a girl.

Please help us welcome our newest member to Franklin Park Pediatrics.. the first of our baby boom moms. Mom (Jessica ) and baby Xander are doing well!💙💙

Posted by Franklin Park Pediatrics on Saturday, June 2, 2018

Kathy is due in September and wants to be surprised by the sex of the baby. Stephanie is so grateful she has the girls to guide her through this experience with this being her first.

The parents of our patients would say, ‘Another one’ or ‘Don’t drink the water.’ We have even been asked, ‘Is it contagious?’

The Doctors are being super supportive! The two male Doctors’ and one male staff member will be the first to tell you it’s okay to drink the water and no, it’s not contagious!

We the staff can not wait to meet all the new members of Franklin Park Pediatrics!”

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