‘For a brief second, I thought this was the same old hustle where a homeless guy just wants money for drugs.’

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“I stopped at the Home Depot in golden ring today to pick up some flooring. I then decided to grab a quick lunch before heading back to work. I noticed a gentleman sitting on the curb outside of Chicken Rico.

I said, ‘How are you?’ and he replied, ‘Good, just hungry’ and for a brief second, I thought this was the same old hustle where a homeless guy just wants money for drugs.

But I could see in this man’s eyes and humble demeanor that he was serious. So instead of taking the chance and giving him a few dollars, I offered to have lunch with him. He accepted and grabbed his rolled up sleeping bag and 1 bag with all of his belongings in it.

We went inside and ordered. I told him to get anything he wanted. He ordered the Carne Asada steak dinner and a soda. After talking briefly with him he said he was in the Army for a number of years and just has had nothing but bad luck recently. He said he has applied to the local retail shops in the area, but everyone stereotypes him because he’s homeless.

This man even at the stage of life he’s currently in had the best manners and was pretty well kept. He even removed his hat before he ate and prayed. The man couldn’t have been more appreciative. He ate half his meal and packed the other half for later. He then shook my hand and thanked me again.

If any of my friends on here that work at the Home Depot or the surrounding stores need a great man as an employee take a chance on William.  I stopped back down there twice now to locate him again with no luck, but I have a good lead on where I may find him again. Hopefully we can all band together to change this good man’s future. The world needs a break from all the negative news these days. Let’s spread some love together.”

Man sits at restaurant table with homeless man he helped out

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Rich Sammons of Kingsville, Maryland. This story took place in Rosedale, Maryland. Submit your story here, and subscribe to our best stories in our free newsletter here.

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