After 40-Day Battle In Hospital, Girl With Cancer Returns Home To Family

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It’s absolutely devastating for families to watch their kids fighting for their lives against a deadly illness. A little girl named Aninha was recently in the hospital for 40 days as she received treatment for childhood cancer. Naturally, her loved ones were so thrilled when she finally got home!

In a video that’s raining happy tears down on the internet, we see the little girl greeting a special family member. It’s the first time he’s seen her since she got out of the hospital, and the look on his face when he spots her coming toward him is both heartbreaking and joyful.

The man immediately lifts Aninha into his arms, sinking to the ground to envelope her in hugs and kisses. The child is so happy and relaxed, and she clearly put on her prettiest dress to celebrate such a wonderful day.

Feel better, little one! Watch the video below to see this precious homecoming.

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