‘Today, I found the best sign while hoping for a miracle.’: Mom touched by chance find while waiting for son’s MRI results

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“They say to be bold in prayer, right?

I was raised Catholic, and although I am not exactly sure where I fall now, I know I’ve witnessed miracles in my life.

Ambrose’s surgery is scheduled.

His MRI is taking place a week from today.

I’m being bold in prayer by asking for the MRI imaging to show a miracle.

I know it’s incredibly unlikely for this imaging to show anything different from the last, but asking is all I can do.

Several weeks ago, the girls found a special medal out in the rocks beside our barn.

It is the medal of Saint Benedict.

I’m not very familiar with saint medals, but ironically, a friend had introduced me to them just one day before this medal was found.

This medal is said to protect against bodily affliction and disease as well as provide inner peace and spiritual healing.

In Catholicism, it is known as a miraculous medal.

As if I needed more evidence to believe that finding this medal was more than just a random coincidence, upon further research, I found out Saint Benedict was a twin.

I tried to find an explanation for how this medal appeared at our house, but nothing has made sense.

I have no idea how it got here.

So, I’m taking this medal as a reminder that miracles happen.

And even if the miracle isn’t in the upcoming MRI imaging, maybe the miracle is in the form of a neurosurgeon.

Maybe it’s in the form of all of the people in our lives who have offered boundless love and support.

Maybe the miracle is in the form of an undoubtedly perfect baby boy named Ambrose.”

medal of saint of miracles
Courtesy of Taylor Elchert

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