The Empty Walmart Shelves Remind Me That COVID-19 Has Brought Us Together

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“I know I’m going to sound stupid, BUT I cried at Walmart this morning. Like a lot.

First I cried about paint brushes, canvases, and craft paint.

Then I cried about books. Then puzzles. Then board games and playing cards. Then I even cried about exercise equipment.

Needless to say, I got some very concerned looks as I wiped away tears and stared at the empty shelf meant for barbells and yoga mats.

empty shelves at walmart
Courtesy of Kristina Rene Thomas

The board games and playing cards are gone because families are having playtime together.

Paint and paint brushes are wiped out because people are learning to creatively express themselves.

Puzzles gone because people are challenging their minds.

Children’s books are missing because parents and siblings are spending time reading to each other.

And exercise equipment because people are taking care of their bodies and physical health, in their garage, outdoors, wherever they can.

empty shelves at walmart
Courtesy of Kristina Rene Thomas

I have never seen so many people walking, jogging, bicycling…entire families. I see more sidewalk chalk in my neighborhood than I ever have.

Around 5:00 p.m. EVERY evening, the driveways down our street are full of families with their kids playing in the yard.

I played soccer with my son yesterday, for the first time ever.

And today, we’re writing letters to send to his great grandparents…all things that should typically be a priority, but haven’t been.

Coronavirus has done some very ugly things. But today was the most comfort I have felt in the midst of this pandemic.

God is restoring His people in so many ways and I hope we all slow down to see the beauty in that.

I hope SO strongly that when this is over, we can all continue spending our time this way…TOGETHER.”

woman smiling in car
Courtesy of Kristina Rene Thomas

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